I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at EPFL, working on algebraic groups, rational actions, and representation theory, within the Donna Testerman group. See more

After completing my PhD in Pure Mathematics at Imperial College London, I spent one year as a INI-Simons Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Cambridge.

In my spare time I enjoy cycling along Lac Leman and playing chess for the EPFL and the Lausanne teams. I also have a few Data Science and Machine Learning side projects that I have either completed or am currently thinking about.

What do I do most of the time?

I write Magma code to understand actions of matrix groups over finite fields, and connect the results back to the infinite case.

My main focus has been around algebraic groups, abstract objects that lie in the intersection of algebra and algebraic geometry. As is often the case in mathematics, it is very fruitful to study the structure of these groups indirectly, by understanding how they act on other objects. I considered questions about the number of orbits (finite or infinite), as well as about the existence of a dense orbit. In a recent pre-print, I obtained a classification of generic stabilizers for algebraic groups acting on symplectic and orthogonal Grassmannians.